Role of a Corporate Trainer in People Development


Corporate Trainer

Corporate training has become a mandatory affair in most of the organisations these days. These training programs are known to build a good rapport among the employees. Apart from that, they also help in keeping the employees updated with the latest trends in the market. All these benefits though pinching in the company’s profit, help build a stronger and a more prosperous organisation. To arrange effective corporate training programs in organisations, companies hire the best corporate trainer available. The major requirements of a corporate trainer for people development are listed below.

Bridging the gap between employees and corporation

A corporate trainer is a person, who though an outsider, can be quite effective in spanning the gap between the organisation and its employees. The organisation can tell him the objectives of the training program and with a quick study of the employees; he prepares and delivers an effective training program. This way, he can establish a connection with the employees and achieve the task amicably.

Motivational speaker

The corporate trainer should inspire confidence in the trainees. He should be well prepared regarding the agenda and deliver the training in a manner, which motivates the trainees to offer their best performance for the betterment of the organisation.

Excellent orator

It is quite essential for the trainer to capture the audiences’ attention in the first few minutes of the training program. This is the key to establish a rapport with the audience. Once a bond is established, the trainees are more receptive to his suggestions. This eventually helps in their competency development, as well the growth of the corporation.

Good organisational skills

To teach the importance of organisation to the employees, it is a mandatory requirement for the corporate trainer to have exceptional organisational skills. An organised employee makes the best use of his/her time and is more productive for the company too. Thus, a corporate trainer can lead by example.

Natural leader

A good corporate trainer should instill the leadership qualities in the trainees. This can be achieved more easily, if he/she demonstrates his leadership abilities by managing different groups, steering them in the right direction and helping them achieve the goals of the training program in an amiable way.

Assessment of employee skills

An effective trainer is one who goes through employee data before the training program and evaluates their natural strength and weaknesses during it. After assessment of their skills, the trainer devises a strategy to maximize employee output by specifically aiming to their requirements and advantages. This helps the employee to attain personal growth and in turn, the organisation also profits from it.

Every now and then, a company needs to strategize their thinking and goals. This can be done more effectively, if the already existing work force is trained to take on new and added responsibilities. This is the place where corporate trainers step in. They help provide companies an edge over their competitors by transforming the thought and work process of the employees.

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Vandana Shah is Co-founder & Director at The Chrysallis and My Hypnotic Healing. She is an Executive Coach, Trainer and a Keynote Speaker based at Mumbai. She is also NLP Master Practitioner and has had the opportunity to learn Business & Leadership Coaching, human brain and behavioral science from different schools of coaching. These have evolved her as an empowering coach and make a difference in others life and business.