RobinHood, lisk Pool - Sherwood pool in a nutshell

Welcome in the, sherwood pool website. With wealth procured prior to cryptocurrency, our main goal is fostering the adaption of blockchain Lisk through free education, community unity and philanthropy. and even more with cap/refund process!

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When become a Sherwood associate mandatory to vote for? If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us! When an associate is mandatory, every Sherwood voters have to vote for it).

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You get the full Lisk reward, one of the most profitable pool so far! To vote, nothing more simple, log on to your account using Lisk Nano (or the online wallet).

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News, the Sherwood pool count 3 more associates : 4Fryn, BitBanksy and, you can now vote for them too! Be part of the most profitable Lisk pool and vote for : - Robinhood - 100 sharing L - Liberspirita - 50 sharing L - m - 50 sharing.66 profit average. The best choice, the most profitable pool!

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Note : in order to get the biggest reward, make sure to vote for all Sherwood fellows! Sherwood pool, a brand new organization! In order to get the full reward, you can vote for m and Liberspirita. The Sherwood core team is composed by 3 Sherwood fellows and active forgers : Robinhood, Liberspirita and m A Sherwood associate is a Sherwood members (part of the pool but not "vote" mandatory. He now has been around for a while working on different projects among the other Lisk Builders such as the Arch Linux bindings or the "Lisk.

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Voting for those 3 delegates will give you the bigger reward per delegate. Sherwood pool in a nutshell, vote for all Sherwood fellows. Mandatory means you have to vote for it in order to get the full Lisk reward.