NEO Global Capital (NGC)

Learn More Decentralized hotel booking and vacation rental marketplace that offers 0 fees. This includes decentralized bank accounts, money transfer and financial apps for consumers and companies. Learn More Digital asset exchange app with zero commission trading and immediate settlement. Aims to increase privacy, reduced ad fraud, and manage consent for sponsored messages. Uses sharding, which splits transaction processing - similar to how countries and states split up governance.

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Exchanges These assets use Blockchain technology to build new types of financial marketplaces. Consensus, neo employs a consensus mechanism called. Plans to allow future smart devices to transact without humans. Bitcoin and Ethereum use proof-of-work (POW) to validate transactions, but NEO instead uses a delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus method.

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The tech is based on Litecoin, and the company claims to offer five-second transactions that cost under a penny. The focus of the project is reducing tracking, hacks, and cyber attacks. See All Collections Put digital assets into context and discover new projects with illustrated collections.

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Learn More Building a series of blockchain apps for businesses, including a currency, wallet and decentralized app store. Designed to be accurate and fraud-proof. Computer owners can rent out their system's resources through sonm's marketplace. Learn More Created by a team of robotics engineers, SingularityNET is designed to let individuals and companies create, use and monetize Artificial Intelligence applications in the near future. Superconducting Transactions In a traditional currency exchange, orders are placed and matched in a centralized marketplace.

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In Brief, nEO is going head-to-head with Ethereum, claiming that its platform provides more options for scripting smart contracts and enhanced reliability. Features include anonymous transactions and protecting the coin's encryption against future quantum computers. Learn More Building a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Aimed at developers and companies who want to exchange their cryptocurrency.

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Learn More Platform that lets companies build decentralized apps. Learn More A clone fork of Zerocoin's technology, this project focuses on building a cryptocurrency that's private and untraceable but also offers high-speed, low-fee transactions. Learn More Privacy-focused cryptocurrency designed for smartphones.