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In the event of any unauthorised transactions being made on the Card after such Card has been lost or stolen, the Cardholder should also file a report with the local police and send a copy forthwith thereafter to the Bank. 13.4 Setting Triggers and Receiving Alerts :.4.1 The Bank is not bound to acknowledge the receipt of any request / forms given by me for setting triggers nor shall the Bank be held responsible to verify the requests / forms or Triggers. The Bank will hotlist / cancel the card during working hours on a working day following the receipt of such intimation. Mail we will pre-pay the former for the packages they deliver but you may be asked to pay charges at delivery by the latter. 12.16 Termination of MobileBanking Service : I can request for termination of the MobileBanking Services at any time by giving a written notice of at least 15 days to the Bank from the time the Notice is delivered to the Bank.

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23.15 Personal Identification Number (PIN The Bank will allot to the Cardholder a PIN to be used for cash withdrawals and Balance Enquiry at ATMs. The bank will send Alerts only to the registered mobile number.

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The following are the broad Terms Conditions of the captioned cover:.5.1 Accidental Hospitalisation Cover: This cover is extended only to the first holder of the Senior Citizens Account. If your account is in another currency, they will make the exchange and may charge you a fee) Paper checks (US or Canadian dollars) and electronic checks (US dollars) Canadian customers of the Bank of Montreal, cibc, Desjardins Credit Union, hsbc, Laurentian Bank National Bank.

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We are also not responsible for any loss, injury or inconvenience you suffer as a result of (a) any damage or vulnerabilities to your Device that may be directly or indirectly caused by the Wallet; (b) a merchant refusing to accept the Wallet; or (c). If tax is identified by name (GST/HST in Canada, VAT in the EU, etc.) on your order, we will pre-pay it (and any applicable import duties) for the package to which it applies. If you have a valid discount code or store credit associated with your Account email address, the code will appear under the "Account Activity" tab.

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14.25.9 I agree that in case of wrong validation the Bank reserves the right to disable the Third Party Transfer facilities. The relevant form will appear on the check out page for you to complete (unless we already have one from a recent order you placed). 18.6 The passbook only reflects the transactions details in the account and is to be used for verification of transactions. 22.7 Mobile enabled PoS shall mean Mobile Phone or any device acting like a point of sale capable of accepting the Card, which will support Card based transactions authenticated by using registered mobile phone of the customer.

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16.54.7 NON residents: The Cardholder authorises and indemnifies the Bank to fill in and submit the request for purchase of foreign exchange (A2 form) on behalf of the Cardholder. Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, Discover ProtectBuy and American Express SafeKey are extra fraud prevention services provided by credit card issuers to prevent unauthorized, online use before it happens. Alerts shall be sent to my mobile phone number and/or the E-mail ID registered with the Bank. Account statement is adequate proof that such payment was paid to utility company. Be sure to create your account using the same email address with which you normally place orders.

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Back to Product Information US Disclosure This information is not to be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any securities in the United States of America or the territories or possessions thereof. Index Currency Neutral Fund: In December 2006, the investment objective of the.S.