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5: Im not that kind of easy person - completed. 92) - completed *YM seeks refuge from BLY (ch. 159) full chapter translation - completed, yQs girlfriend" Part 3 (ch. 10: Just you wait, little YM - completed.

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80) - completed *YQ harassing YM (ch. 1) rated M - completed BLY and GH's Wedding Part 3 (epilogue. 158) - completed, yQs girlfriend" Part 2 (ch.

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167) - completed, the couple drinks with BLY (ch. 2: Just one who does half-hearted work - completed. I am happy to make admendments if I mistranslated anything. Shu Qi, qi Baishi, energizer Qi, feedback.

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Info: Album: tgod Models Vol.002, model: Qi Meng, image resolution. Volume 1 *YMs and YQs first meeting (ch. 177) - completed The end of high school (ch.

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18: YQ continues to cheat rated M - completed. 4: This water is a little salty - completed. 3) rated M full chapter translation - completed Meng Qi Qi Epilogue (all full chapter translations). 23) - completed *Basketball Match Part 1 (ch.

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57) - completed *Visiting BLYs house (ch. 6: They even have kids already? 170) - completed, bLY snatches YMs boyfriend Part 2 (ch. 80) full chapter translation - completed BLY's birthday (ch.