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In a blog post published Monday entitled "ICOs Not Just 'Good-to-Have But Necessary the. In addition to the platform's data, Huobi had been regularly submitting information and reports about worldwide government policy in an effort to help the PBoC understand the industry. After the talks fell through, the VC firm brought the lawsuit against Zhao, accusing him of breaking an exclusivity agreement by talking to another potential investor IDG Capital in December last year.

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Notably, New Jersey's cease-and-desist order highlight's Seagal's role as a brand ambassador, noting a disclaimer on its website that states the actor holds no ownership stake in the project. Instead of following the ICO model that most startups do, whereby tokens are sold to interested investors, Huobi is giving the tokens away as a free gift to users that purchase service fee packages on its platform. Accordingly, his motion should be denied.". OneCoin, also known as Wanke Coin, which was later renamed to Lianke,.

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As the substantive issues in dispute between the parties are subject to confidential arbitration proceedings,. The securities agency also argues that, in order to facilitate its token sale, the company also made false statements to potential investors.

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The court document further cited a notable announcement by China's National Internet Finance Association, which specifically pointed out on Jan. Also in its Jan. Although it did not offer any details on the next stage of the lawsuit, the exchange said Sequoia has been ordered to pay Zhao's costs in relation to the legal proceedings. The PBoC also requested information on the exchange's trading volume and user numbers.

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The plaintiffs allege that the company, while knowingly participating in unlawful initial coin offerings, also issued a series of false statements about the legitimacy of this activity, which led to a material impact on its stock price. Westward and eastward expansion, in fact, two of China's largest exchanges at the time, Huobi and OKCoin, already have offerings that again rank within the top 10 in the world by trading volume Huobi Pro and OKEx, two platforms that now trade cryptocurrencies only.