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Archived from the original (PDF). So the USD has exponent 2 (10 to the power 2 is 100, which is the number of cents in a dollar).

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Wenceslas crown Current 2.5 mm, 11-sided.7 g Rounded, plain Value, a Great Moravian button-jewel Current 5 K 23 mm.8 g Plain Value, Charles Bridge, Vltava, linden leaf Current 10.5 mm.55 mm.62 g Copper-plated steel Milled Value, Cathedral. During the Second World War, the currency on the occupied Czech territory was artificially weakened. Some currencies do not have any minor currency unit at all and these are given an exponent of 0, as with currencies whose minor units are unused due to negligible value.

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11 A newly designed series of banknotes in denominations 20-, 50-, 100-, 200, 500-, 1,000 and 5,000-korun were introduced later in 1993 and are still in use at present except for 20, 50 and the first versions of 1,000 and 5,000 korun notes, since the. Note the Korean currency code should be KRW. For example, USD ( United States dollar ) has code 840 which is also the numeric code for the US (United States). Banco de la Repblica (in Spanish).

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In the late 1920s, the Czechoslovak koruna was the hardest currency in Europe. Also, if a currency is revalued, the currency code's last letter is changed to distinguish it from the old currency.

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"Currency Code Services ISO 4217 Maintenance Agency". Contents History edit In 1892, the Austro-Hungarian krone replaced the gulden, at the rate of one gulden equaling two kronen (which is also the reason why the 10-koruna coin is still nicknamed ptka or "the five" by the Czechs).