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They also ask for 150 for many other IDs, so it can be at least two times more expensive than average to buy from ID God. They promise to take you to the places, where only adults can go, to have fun you have never had before, anytime you want. For example, they havent learned to make California ID yet. Montana (working on new 2015 design). Review the templates and submit a comment reply with your correct email (limit 2 per request).

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The following text exposes the pros and cons of ordering from ID God. On the other hand, how can we know if their current fake IDs are good? We do not think that ID God is a scam, but they definitely could care more about their reputation and security of their customers. Oklahoma, oregon, pennsylvania, texas, washington, west Virginia, wisconsin.

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Shipping took more than 14 days, which is longer than any expectations. All templates are completely editable in Photoshop and are PSD files. As always, our review implies examination of their website, analysis of their services and offers, payment methods, and the final experiment: ordering an ID from the company. As you can see, they have just started working.

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Now, as we have seen the prices, lets check the payment options. Kansas, louisiana, maine, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, mississippi. We do not charge a penny for the templates below. Know that we get many requests and make sure to reply to those who have contributed by posting on our website. Demanding 200 for Colorado, New York and Ohio IDs is outstanding for the market.

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Currently, the ID God company is very immature; they have just started improving their services and do not offer a wide choice of fake ID states. All state license templates are the current design style issued in 2015.

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We do NOT sell your email and only use it once to send you the download links! Alabama, arizona (brand new california (New). States in green text are available to request. We have checked their shipping terms (under the FAQ section) and found out that they reserve up to 10 business days (it could take longer not including the weekends! When we have first heard of ID God, we were admired the effrontery of these guys, referring to themselves as gods of the fake ID production However, later we have understood that it is nothing but a funny joke, or, perhaps, an ambitious promise.

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Pretty much explained the damn slow shipping, but still very inconvenient. Nevertheless, we can see the potential in these guys, though it may take a few years before they get into full strength and experience, enough to provide you with high-quality fake. Their websites design is simple and beautiful, except for some inaccurate fonts and elements. We know that the service is very popular among scammers, and ID God is outside the United States, which additionally reduces its reliability. We have heard about it just recently, and were curious if it is a worthy new company or just a one-day scammer.