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Please pay attention to these rules and exceptions before making deposits. Poloniex is a crypto only exchange, we not accept deposits in fiat currencies such as US Dollars, Euro, and Yen. Poloniex FAQ If, after reading the above warning, you still want to know how to use Poloniex, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the exchange. While this is NOT necessarily a cause for concern, this struck me as odd.

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Their customer support has been known to take as long as 90 days to respond. Poloniex does not own or control any of the underlying software through which blockchain networks are formed and Tokens are created and transacted. Typos fixes snow storm is added as excuse of interruption Section 27 etc.  The Wayback Machine showed this being the case in a snapshot as of Jun 19th, 2017. Locate the pair you wish to trade on the right-hand side of the exchange page.

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How to deposit USD or other fiat currencies onto Poloniex? Poloniex does not support deposits, withdrawals, or trading in any fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, Etc). Step 1: Generate address/ code using the, deposit option.  They are a cryptocurrency only exchange.  You can see more information on their site here.

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 Poloniex, a company in a quickly growing industry, with an ever-changing legal landscape, had not updated their terms of use for almost 2 years.  These concerns were eased after Poloniex made an official Bitcoin Cash Update, announcing they would credit users Bitcoin Cash. Section 29 Another Reddit user, BehindTheGreenDoor, commented : Check out section. How to Buy on Poloniex?

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While Bitcoin Cash will be credited, it appears this addition to Poloniexs Terms of Use will allow them to not support future cryptocurrency forks if they so choose. Once your deposit has hit your account, go to the exchange page.

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Site m, poloniex Customer Support, while the issues of Poloniex potentially reach further than poor customer support, this alone was enough for me to personally stop using the exchange.  By comparison, competitors Coinbase and Gemini had made a number of updates to their legal terms pages in this time.