LastPass: #1 Password Manager, Vault, Digital Wallet App

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SmartVault: Secure File Sharing and Online Document Storage

Jason Harper, CEO Founder, Celopay. Basic Features, your typical password manager integrates with the browser and captures the username and password when you log in to a secure site.

The Best Free Password Managers of 2018

Because if you use only one password everywhere and someone gets this password you have a problem. When you put all of your passwords into one repository, you had better be really, really careful to protect that repository. The list is endless. Enpass Password Manager Review. Quite a few password managers cost precisely nothing, and some of them come close to the best paid password managers.

VaultPress - WordPress Backup and Security

Securely share files with clients, staff and partners. Powerful security features for individuals, professionals, and agencies. Discover Secure File Sharing. Get to Know Our Security Architecture.

Shoebox - Free Unlimited Photo Backup

Most password managers use encrypted cloud storage to sync between devices. Loved by thousands of accountants and small businesses! For us, open source isn't just a business model; it's smart engineering practice. New Release, while you are shopping on your favorite online stores.