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In other words, the Recently Added section isnt regularly updated. (You also lose money if you invest in a scam coin).

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And if you are one of the early ones to invest? Some believe team/developer controlled tokens should be in circulation, some believe that simply unlocking tokens makes them circulating, some believe private allocations to large investors/partners are circulating, and so forth.

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And one way one way to discover such life-changing coins is through Coinmarketcap. In the future, we may accept payment to raise the priority of a request, but payment never has and never will change the outcome.

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There are a lot of different kinds of tools on the coinmarket, including the average price schedule for the token, which I understand is based on the average price of a coin. That said, recently weve come across some rumors and false information about CMC that we feel we must clear. This couldnt be further from the truth.

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Since 2013, CoinMarketCaps mission has been to present the relative sizes of cryptocurrencies and give a broad overview of the cryptocurrency market in an easily digestible manner. Gathering and verifying this information is time consuming and is the reason why some coins do not immediately show a circulating supply and market cap. The Future, we pay close attention to the needs of our users and the community and have been hard at work to realize those needs. Myth 6: CoinMarketCap doesnt care about the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These new and potential coins are not in the top 100.

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When we started CoinMarketCap in 2013, our mission was to present the relative sizes of cryptocurrencies in an accurate and easily digestible manner. As any experienced trader knows, it is very difficult to build a position on markets with such low liquidity that would be worth the risk, time, resources, or reward for.

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While we encourage donations for great service, CoinMarketCap does not accept payment of any form to bypass listing requirements or to intentionally publish inaccurate information. If youve been following CoinMarketCap for a while, youre probably aware that we keep a low profile and rarely make public statements. We believe it is better to spend time up front to ensure that the published supply is meaningful and not arbitrary. If the market cap is a million dollar, with an increasing daily volume, then consider investing given you do your basic research (while making sure it isnt a scam ). We have dedicated teams and roles for each area of operation just like any other business.