New James Bond: who will be the next 007?

Idris Elba The star of The Wire and Luther has long been a front-runner. (Back in OR) Again Burke glares. Damian Lewis Forget black Bond - surely a ginger Bond would mark the true revolution.

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Likewise, Cavills recent stint as Napoleon Solo in The Man from.N.C.L.E (another likely franchise) is probably too Bond: ditch Solos American accent and its the same character. Can't see me unless you sleeping. Mcdreamy is the nick name they put for Derek the other Mcsteamy is what they put for Doctor Sloan. Alex says he's a 007, Izzie( i think) asks why he's calling him that, Meredith says it means "License to Kill".then George finds out everyone's calling him that. Rex / Shutterstock Read next Why: Look at him.

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Why not: The very fact that he's publicly talking about playing Bond probably rules him out. After all he's made his money (with a rumoured.66 million payday for. GET AD-free whosampled premium!

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Rex / Shutterstock Why: Hes box office, pure and simple. Hes also had a taste of blockbusters, appearing as The Thing in the Fantastic Four reboot.

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But see that I found it just in time. And there is a medical textbook called grays anatomy, so the creators made it like the name of the book, but with a different name, if that makes sense.

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As he is a doctor he therefore has a "licence to kill" that was the name they use to call George, cause in the fist episode in the first season george is chosen to assist a sugery, and he almost kills the patient so they. Entering Roger Moore territory and nobody wants to go there. Assuming you mean Elizabeth Reaser, the actress whom plays Esme Cullen in The Twilight Saga, yes, she was in Grey's Anatomy. Were Michael Fassbender (who's ruled himself out of playing James Bond) or Hardy to throw their hat on the stand it seems unlikely Turner could fend them off.

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George takes the appendix out and you hear cheers from the gallery. Still only 39, this is an actor at the height of his powers. If not then please tell me because i get confusing alot. Craig has reportedly been offered up to 120 million for his return as James Bond in two more films. So far, so Brosnan.