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Gloshed's Altar (Sweden, Herman Hofberg). Folktales of type 763. The Hashish Eater and His Bride (Egypt).

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Folktales of type 1655. How a Parrot Told Tales of His Mistress and Had His Neck Wrung (India, The Jataka ). The Bear, the Dog, and the Cat (Russia). The Sexton's Nose (Italy).

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The Two Travelers (Germany). The Story of the Three Little Pigs (England). The Wild Hunt (Netherlands).

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Mysel' i' da Mill (Shetland Islands, Scotland). Eat, My Coat, Eat.

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Disconnect the plug from the back and remove it: The entire panel should now come out, leaving behind the vent/temp controls:. The Tar-Baby, tales of types. Trading Away One's Fortune. The Pedlar of Swaffham (England).

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The Frau Holle Stone (Germany,. Tilt it forward to access the connectors. Old Men and Women. The Old Husband and His Young Wife. The Lad Who Went to the North Wind (Norway, Peter Christian Asbjrnsen and Jrgen Moe).

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Peter Redhat (Denmark, Evald Tang Kristensen). The Dog and the Wolf (Bohemia, Theodor Vernaleken). Folktales of types 275, 275A, 275B, 275C, 275C and 1074.