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But buyers should think twice before jumping in to mop up some tokens after the sale. Medium Blockchain 94,073,100,000 Ended: 23 Jan Filecoin Cloud Storage 257,000,000 / 40,000,000 643 A distributed data storage.

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In interview, Lingham, the company's founder and CEO, explained that as a result, investors in the pre-sale will now effectively return one-third of these tokens so that investors who couldn't participate in any preliminary offerings are able to get a fair shot at purchasing. Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, the startup has already sold 33m.

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Still, more than 80 of the trading for. Civic, a feature that Lingham said will both reduce fraud and showcase the company's technology. Organizations will be able to trust users without the need to retrieve and store data.

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The idea is similar to that. TokenMarket 2018 Summit is in Gibraltar 28-29th June. The whole supply. Luckily, Civic can be bought and sold through Changelly, with the extra step of buying another cryptocurrency to exchange it for the token. So far, at least 21 companies are vying for a spot in the sun to provide a similar service.

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Civic was the typical Ethereum-based, iCO, which sold out fast, to around 40,000 buyers, with very few "whales" or big buyers, and a queue distribution system. Civic has won Best New Startup award at the K(NO)W Identity Conference 2017.

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ETH.00003545 BTC, returns since, iCO.40x. Since the incipience of blockchains and digital assets, digital identity has been a hot topic. Right Startups, Right Funding, And Right Growth. Until then, it is wait-and-see.