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For example, the new regulations state that self-regulatory bodies must make arrangements to ensure that their AML/CTF supervisory functions are operationally independent from any functions which do not relate to disciplinary matters. This is reflected in the draft regulations. Therefore, the current position will be maintained where only holders of casino operating licences will be subject to the requirements under the new regulations. Others considered that SRBs have the deepest understanding of their own sectors and are best placed to spot developing risks.

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The FCA and the Joint Money Laundering Supervisory Group have issued relevant guidance for their respective supervised sectors. All previous old codes will cease to be recognised and should no longer be used by reporters. Individuals have a defence against a terrorist financing offence under section 21ZA of tact if, before becoming involved in a transaction or arrangement, they notify the authorities of their suspicions (or belief) that the property is terrorist property; disclose the information on which the suspicion.

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Describe ANY other ways IN which lawyers ARE affected BY anti-money laundering legislation No information available. The, nCA receives and analyses SARs and uses them to identify the proceeds of crime. The National Risk Assessment (NRA) highlights that the nature of the services offered by tcsps means that they do not see the activity of the company once it is formed, unless they subsequently provide further services to that customer. Respondents noted that a large number of former PEPs were being treated as though they were still performing prominent public functions. We have also updated our Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 quick guide for small businesses.

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Respondents expressed a range of views on the scope of the register. The person will commit an offence unless they disclose their belief or suspicion, and the information upon which it is based, to law enforcement as soon as reasonably practicable.

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The technical drafting elements of the Money Laundering Regulations will amend the relevant provisions in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 to make this clear. A number of respondents highlighted life insurance as a low risk sector which should be considered for simplified due diligence.

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This is important because it will enable supervisors to take a risk-based approach to supervision, and to determine the proportionate level of mitigation required to address ML/TF risk. However the government also recognises that depending on the nature of the individual business, more information may be required to make a determination on the status of a registration. The nominated officer should record all decisions made.