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Stealth Coup - Saudi Arabia Declares Oil War.S. Updates to the public engagements schedule will be provided as additional information becomes available. Espaol - Varios Ejemplos que Muestran que Estados Unidos se ha Convertido en Un Pas Seriamente Confuso - Venezuela Launches the 'Petro' - Oil and Gold Backed Cryptocurrency to Fight.S. To Stop its Ukrainian Proxy War Against Russia - Chosen Leaders, Proven Failures and Political Debacles - Climate Change a 'Catalyst for Conflict' Espaol - Colapso del Imperio - La tecnologa de Misiles Rusa deja Obsoleta a la Marina Estadounidense de un Billn. Kerry Audio that CNN and NY Times Tried to Hide - Confirms.S.

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Vdeo, la responsable de la filtracin de WikiLeaks lleva un ao fuera de prisin. Espaol - Primeras Interpretaciones al Ataque.

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Is 'The Greatest Threat to Peace' in the World Today - Polls -.S. What to Make of China's Rejection of the Dollar? Four Horsemen - In the Shadow of Lizards - The Secrets of Power - David Icke 2004 - Invisible Empire - A New World Order Defined - In Whose Interest? The Press Lies About Everything - The real Reason.S.

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Origins of the EU - USA Covert Operations to Assimilate Europe Into a Federal State - Our Society is Sick, Our Economy Exploitive and our Politics Corrupt - Owners of Empire - The Vatican, the Crown and the District of Columbia - Politicians are. Needs its Own Chilcot Report - The.S. Presidents Explain Why the Presidency is Now Irrelevant - Former White House Official Says.S. Basiago announces 2016 Candidacy to Millions.

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Electorate - Missing in Action - What Happened to War and the Imperial Drive to Organize the Planet? Contra China - American Horror Story - Americans: A Conquered People - The New Serfs - Americans Argue Over Puppets while Global Masters Meet in Secrecy - America's Advancing Empire - Putsch, Pillage and Duplicity - America's Imperial Empire - The Sun Never Sets but. Why the World is Giving Up on Freedom - Why US-America's Collapse is Only Just Beginning - Not Ending. Espaol - Justificaciones que Insultan Espaol - La Alarmante Amenaza "Nuclear" del Presentador de Noticias favorito del Gobierno de Vladimir Putin Espaol - La Alianza del Millenium entre Estados Unidos de Amrica y la Federacin Rusa Espaol - La Alianza Occidental est Derrumbndose -.

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Daily Public Schedule, there are no public events scheduled for today. Y sus Aliados Espaol - Revelan un Antiguo Plan Secreto de China para Superar. Desechando el Dlar Espaol - Rusia Ya ha Ganado la Guerra contra Occidente. Army Field Manual - Coups Inside nato - A Disturbing History - Cuba Reaches Out to Partners Far and Wide to Hedge Against.S.