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If you have any doubts about anything that has been said here, do your own research. The Veritaseum team anticipates traditional, centralized exchanges to list the Veritaseum token (veri) by July 2017.

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Click Buy veri and then review the cost of your transaction before placing the order. Read more about how to buy either: Heres an example of how you can buy veri: Step. Where to buy, sell and trade veri.

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It allows every business and individual to take total control over their asset and money and trasnfer it freely, with minimal transaction charges, around the world. Create an account with a cryptocurrency exchange that supports veri.

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Youll need to register for an online account with your chosen exchange by supplying your name, email address, contact details and, in some cases, proof. Universal Access : Veritaseum is a lightweight html5/Java app which can be accessed from a web browser, smartphone, computers and laptops. Instead, youll first need to use your USD to purchase a cryptocurrency thats available in a veri pairing, such as Ethereum (ETH) or bitcoin (BTC and then exchange that crypto for veri tokens through a cryptocurrency exchange.

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Lack of Substance, Functionality and Adoption. Veritaseum also offers a token rental facility that allows veri holders to rent out their tokens via peer-to-peer transactions. How to sell veri, if you need to sell your veri holdings, the process youll need to follow is very similar to the steps for buying veri outlined above.