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In addition to the app launch, CoinMarketCap said redesigned its website and upgraded its API. There is not currently a list of these coins, but perhaps in the future. .

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(The company said it gets 15 million unique visitors per month.). Thats brought incredible amounts of traffic and attention. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies.

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G: I believe it was September 2014 - a bit after the Nxt asset exchange APIs were available. G: A lot of altcoin submissions come through the request form linked on the bottom of the site and if they meet the basic criteria, they get added. G: Hopefully the same, but with better functionality and a lot more mobile friendly. BitcoinAverage is a great resource, but there were a couple of times were BitcoinAverage's API glitched and reported highly inflated prices resulting in a "fun" data cleanup task. .

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If Ethercoin's price were to diverge from Ethereum's (e.g. CT: Where is the best place to keep informed about CoinMarketCap? G: Anything is possible, although I believe one of the strong points of the site is the "elegant simplicity." CT: What are you surprised that I didn't ask you? Proof of Burn by CounterParty (destroying BTC) and, dogeparty (destroying Dogecoin). Must have a non-zero volume so that a price can be determined.

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CT: When did you introduce assets? Now I see you are doing your own calculations. G: Yes, because Ethercoin is a separate blockchain with independent value.