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By mid-2018, their mainnet will launch with a massive scalability advantage, a well-funded rockstar team, and the ability to port projects from ETH onto EOS. If youre a developer, you can either wait for Ethereum to (hopefully) improve on scalability or you can jump to EOS where your application can perform as needed.

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12) The Blockchain Will Enable All Kinds of Evil Crypto enthusiasts will have to come to terms with the fact that the blockchain can and will enable as much evil as it does good. Ethereum is in a very challenging position.

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Read the article and youll see tons of his predictions are incredibly spot on! Lastly, you can join my private Facebook group, the Nanopunk Posthuman Assassins, where we discuss all things tech, sci-fi, fantasy and more.

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FA Fundamental Analysis. The checks and balances on power are exactly the point! One way to do that is to abstract all the protocols and run all the older coins as something equivalent to virtual machines or containers. Oh, many governments will try, but in the end theyll fail to stamp them out.

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We first need to build the foundational infrastructure in order for future applications to succeed. And they can easily get lost or damaged by the elements. Bitcoin can do 7 transactions per second at its peak.