What does it mean when they say round to four decimal places?

We want 2 decimal places. 1) 54,200 2) 178,460,000 3).0002314 4).00980 5) 132.502 6).41 7).3473 8) 1445.3, in problems (9) through (11 round the number down to the stated number of decimal places.

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A plane flew between New York and Los Angeles, a distance of 2,477 miles,. The smaller the place value, the more accurate the final result will. Write 9 in the"ent, and add a 0 onto the remainder.

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In the examples below. But.1234 is much better, since.1234.000001 is 99 times smaller than.1234.000099. Identify the hundreds digit: the 2 in 3250. The second source of error is rounding to the nearest 4 decimal place number.

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For instance: Round to the nearest thousandth. Examples, the number 403,000 has no decimal places. Scientific notation of a number just writes the significant digits followed by an appropriate power of ten. Further Reading m on How to Round Numbers MathPlayground: How do you Round? "To five places" means "to five decimal places".

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There's no way to choose between these two approximations, because all you know about x is that it is between a and b: you have no further information about whether x is closer to a than it is. In scientific notation, it would be written.042 x 101.  Round it off to three decimal digits: 1 11, solution. .