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A decklike construction on which the drill rig of an offshore oil or gas well is erected. Side and Vertical Scrolling Platformers, side and vertical scrolling platform games can be identified by it's scrolling game screen and background that moves along as the player moves towards one edge of the game screen. Total Annihilation was the first modern game featuring DLC, offering additional free new units, maps, and scenarios starting 1997.

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Developing such a program can be a time-consuming task because different operating systems have different application programming interfaces (API). Cross-platform programming toolkits and environments edit There are a number of tools 13 which are available to help facilitate the process of cross-platform programming: 8th : A cross-platform development language, which utilizes Juce as its GUI layer.

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Because of this, no one on her campaign staff will let Alicia run on a platform of truth. The first platform games were developed in the early 1980s making it one of the earliest video game genres to exist, but the term platform game or platformer wasn't used until a number of years later to describe the games. All user interaction with the application consists of simple exchanges of data requests and server responses. For example, Firefox, an open-source web browser, is available on Windows, macOS (both PowerPC and x86 through what Apple Inc.

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Another technique is separation of functionality, which disables functionality not supported by client browsers or operating systems, while still delivering a complete application to the user. A place for public discussion; forum. bout 90 percent of the platform s assets are from clients who already had accounts with Vanguard, according to Financial Planning magazine. Historical Examples, the station-master was standing on the platform, superintending the removal of a trunk. Today Im going to share with you what is DLC and why you should be using it in future game development.

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Don't keep it to yourself. These dependencies include Ajax, JavaScript, Dynamic html, SVG, and other components of rich Internet applications.

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Scripts and interpreted languages edit A script can be considered to be cross-platform if its interpreter is available on multiple platforms and the script only uses the facilities provided by the language. Amend the code to be suitable to a new computer architecture or operating system. Xojo : A RAD IDE developed by Xojo, Inc. I want us all on a platform where we shall start in equal ignorance and get on together.

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2 : a raised floor or stage for performers or speakers 3 : a statement of the beliefs and rules of conduct for which a group stands The candidates discussed their party's platform. Natively developed containers present hardware features of the mobile devices or tablets through an API to html5 code thus facilitating the development of mobile apps that run on different platforms. For mobile applications, browser plugins are used for Windows and Mac based devices, and Android has built-in support for Java.