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Part of the joy of engineering is seeing how all the pieces will fit together and then systematically carrying out that vision in order to build a working product. Users will be charged.4 fee to close out Prisms, plus.05 ETH (about 6 today a fee that covers the gas cost the ShapeShift must pay to run the smart contracts on the public ethereum blockchain. Inevitably, an economy is more efficient, honest, productive and fair to the extent it is built upon the laws of code and mathematics, instead of the laws of men. (Behind the scenes, a smart contract operated by ShapeShift deploys a smart contract that represents the portfolio.). When broaching the subject, I even float the idea, speculating it could as far as 20 years into the future, should the technology mature sufficiently.

ShapeShift, breaks New Ground With Prism Digital Asset

The result is that the portfolio doesn't even hold ether assets, but rather it tracks contract terms, which are set up to change to track the value of all the assets. Risk is herein minimized: with trust placed in objective open-source code, instead of upon the subjective whims of a human counter-party.

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Momentum has been further buoyed by a blockchain industry that is already experiencing an incredible diversity of projects, from tokenized venture capital funds to blockchain-based casinos to global distributed computing systems. The beta period for Prism will likely extend for at least six months after the launch, with new features being added over time. Once open beta begins, it will remain in beta for at least six months while new features are added over time, including. The assets on Prism dont necessarily match the assets found on ShapeShift. Voorhees, prism is the first live platform that enables investors to create their own funds focused on investments in crypto-assets, the companys launch announcement states.

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In this way, the product is the latest that seeks to capitalize in the run-up of the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies, which exceeded 60bn for the first time this year, reaching a new all-time high last week. ShapeShift, the company he founded in 2013, raised.4m during its Series A from leading German VCs in March 2017 to jumpstart this new venture.

ShapeShift launches trustless asset portfolio platform, Prism

The vision of Prism was clear from the beginning, allowing this creative process to proceed uninhibited. "People can see the Prism you made, and they can clone it and make their own portfolio Voorhees said. Each smart contract pays in Ethereum based on the performance of the tokens in your Prism portfolio, the company explains.

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Voorhees goes on to assert that Prisms digital asset portfolios, built entirely on non-custodial smart contracts, will demonstrate a new normal for financial security. In liberty, -Erik Voorhees, shapeShift. When we started building, shapeShift in the Spring of 2014, we made an uncommon assumption at the time: that blockchains and (especially) the tokens built upon them were going to expand out in all directions.

Introducing, prism : The worlds first trustless asset

We also look forward to bringing this product to Rootstock (RSK) on Bitcoin in the near future. Bitcoin inspired a Crypto-Cambrian Explosion; a transformative species from which entire kingdoms of new technological life arise. Users can alternatively use the ethereum wallet. The ability of a human to decide not to fulfill a transactional obligation (either by mistake or malice will seem quaint. It is also the name.