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April 23, 2018.914, april 16, 2018.863, april 9, 2018.811, april 2, 2018.817, march 26, 2018.764, march 19, 2018.716, march 12, 2018.677. In order for the data to be as accurate as possible, Im once again going to use the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the.S.

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A 1920 Standing Liberty Quarter could buy you more than a gallon of gas for most of the years after World War I until after World War. From the Eve of the New Millennium.

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Gas prices and CPI percent change compared to the prior year, from. Department of Energys (DOE) statistical office, the Energy Information Administration (EIA). 14, 2017.497 Aug. In light of worldwide plummeting crude oil prices,.S. The analysis shows that while the current high gas price levels are not unprecedented, there are some signs that we could be shortly headed into unprecedented territory.

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The chart below shows the price movement (based on February 2012 dollars) from. The plots contain data from 1445 fill-ups. As plotted on the graph above, the rise in gas prices were operating on a completely different plain from the CPI.

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Cost in 2012.S. Average cost for a gallon of gas in the.S. The price of this crude fell by almost 50 percent between 20During the summer of 2015, the average national gas price hovered around.6.S. The "CPI-All Urban Consumers for all items less energy" was used to adjust the data using monthly average data interpolated to the actual purchase dates. 12, 2018.724, feb.