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All who'd left this city scarred, Would taste the fist of Mike Haggar! Even if it means piledriving. Guy and Cody who?

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I'll tell you through my weak narration, Of how it met with its salvation, From Mad Gear's grip its neck was freed, By one man's most extraordinary deeds. Haggar felt his rage renew, And in his mind bore witness to, A vision of his ravaged land, "No thought he, "This will not stand!". A God I Am Not : Haggar refuses to lead the. He still has to plow through the Industrial Area, Bay Area, and Up Town. It pretty much turns into.

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Was this his choice? This IS Haggar's story, after all. Ambadassador : Clearly, Haggar decided to resort to a different sort of diplomacy when negotiations failed. Vice City : Metro City was this. To join the ranks of gods elite, Would leave his mission incomplete.

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Our Mayor Is Different : This one is a bit more straightforward in how he goes about reducing the monthly crime rate. Haggar is a former pro wrestler (as detailed in Saturday Night Slam Masters ) and uses the skills he cultivated to clean up crime. Badass : Mike Haggar, obviously.

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During that journey, you learn about what happens before players press the continue button. The mayor is, of course, a former professional wrestler named Mike Haggar. Hero Killer : Edi. By Odin's will, you'll serve your time. Was this the way?

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Contractual Immortality : He's the main character, and, as such, can't stay dead. "This is not the ballad of Guy or Cody, / Saviours weak and frail and bony, / If you'll think back, and not too far, / Recall that I speak of Mike Haggar!". Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know. And from the sky, a blinding light, Shook the very earth that night, A god's descent, his foolish pride, Crushed 'neath Haggar's steel backside. Plus, the ending.