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A stop-loss order is similar to a limit order, but does not guarantee the price that the order is filled. Such a limit will facilitate the automatic purchase or sale of stock at a desirable price. Heres how they work in both instances: When youre buying: Just because you like a particular company and you want its stock doesnt mean that youre willing to pay the current market price. Explanation of Terms: Stop price: When the current price reaches the given stop price, the stop-limit order is executed to buy or sell at the limit price or better. Market orders are better for stocks with high trade volumes, such as Procter Gamble or Apple, as these stocks tend to have more stable prices.

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A limit order used to sell stock that you already own is referred to as a sell limit order. The only way for this particular trade to occur is if the stock rises back.

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You can make the limit order only valid for one day or choose to extend its duration longer, with a good til cancelled (GTC) condition. For example, the different types of buy and sell orders available to traders essentially offer a toolkit that lets you choose the right tool for the right job. For example, you could enter a sell limit order on a stock that currently sits a few dollars per share over the market price and a buy limit order with a price set at a few dollars per share under the market. Specify the security you want to trade and your limit price, as well as whether you are buying or selling the security. Stocks, active Stock Trading, by Ken Little, updated June 01, 2018.

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3, use a stop-limit order. Place a market order.

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This order tells the market that you will buy 100 shares of XYZ, but under no circumstances will you pay more than.45 per share for the stock. Approach: Select Stop-Limit order, then specify the stop price to.000170BTC and the limit price to.000172BTC, with quantity. Personal Finance, investing, stocks Trading, when to Use Limit Orders for Stock Investing.

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Click Here to read our fill article on Stop Orders! 14 Community Q A Search Add New Question Does using a stop limit order entail using two orders for the same stock? I was glad that there was a limit order in place because that would ensure that I did not pay too much. The price per share that you pay is key to being a successful stock trader. Warnings Be sure to check with your broker for specifics.

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This is one of the two most common types of orders, the other being a market order. A stop-limit order is a specialized type of order that combines a limit order and a stop-loss order. You now want to sell the stock if the price rises to at least.00 per share. This makes them particularly useful for trading volatile stocks or trading in volatile markets. You can set a limit order for 55 that will activate as soon as the stock reaches this price, assuming your broker is able to find a buyer for your stock.