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So there is a conflict of interest. Ethereum is not used to obtain a certain amount of computation power which can be directed at a complex algorithm that someone wants to have solved. The Elastic Project offers the user access to an enormous parallel computing and arithmetic cluster consisting of GPUs, CPUs, fpgas and many other things provided by the Miners. Challenges, road Map, trend Analysis, conclusion, wHAT IS elastic IN greater detail?

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None of the points mentioned above bestow much confidence in the future of elastic coin as an investment. Top 10 fastest supercomputers in the world, as of November 2016, by Linpack benchmark score (in TFlops per second) This statistic shows the revenue generated by the leading vendors of supercomputers worldwide, in 2015. I hope that he will come back to us even without funds incognito with another account.

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Elastic uses transactions pools for tasks. We do not operate in the same way as Ethereum! You can write a program in Elastic PL and be sure that if executed correctly, no exploits, no endless loops, no data leakage.

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Its just a totally different use case. July 3, 2017, elastic Quick Facts, overview: Facts. Elastic Programming Language : The Elastic Programming Language (Elastic PL) is the map.

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They have a clear advantage, and that is that they are relatively unknown in the wider market. In our vision, people (such as scientists) who are in need of large amounts of computation power do not have to rent an expensive, commercial cloud computing solution anymore. The fact that it has its own safe, programming language. The payment process is modeled as follows: the publisher allocates a certain amount of XenCoins (the underlying cryptocurrency).