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The company has been in existence for over 20 years and boasts an increasing number of customers who frequently revisit the website to buy or sell products. To leave a comment about your customer service experience.

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Customers can also attempt to contact the customer support team on the website and through social media, including: Our Experience. In order to send a message to the customer service team, you will need to have an m account or create an account. By calling Amazon customer service UK team you can also get information related to the fees that will be charged for selling products through the website. ( 52 votes, average:.06 out of 5 loading).

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Contact Info: Phone Contact Numbers, typically, customers wanting to contact the customer service department by phone will need to sign into their m account. A key feature of the service is the customer service.

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When the customer service agent answered the call, they were cheerful and ready to assist. This is evident by the fact that Amazon ranks at the top of the Google search pages for many product names. Amazon Prime is a subscription-based service with a free trial. What is the Amazon UK phone number if I want a refund or want to return a Product?

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Items that you can return, when you can receive your refund. Customers can also sign up for a 30-day free trial. Amazon customer service can also answer your questions and help you with any of the following: Returning gifts- If you want to replace an item that you have received as a gift. By calling on you will be directed to an Amazon customer service representative who will help you with your queries.

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Since we currently are an Amazon member, we sent a message asking about the free trial. This way, there is no lag and the customers credit card will not be charged. Official Website, the official, amazon Prime website provides details relating to the service, including, free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming moves and television shows and access to Kindle books. If you have any queries then contact the Amazon customer service team to speak with one of its agents.