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Yet it still lags far behind Amazon's Echo family, which pulled 73 percent of the market in the same period, and even Google's Home devices at 14 percent. Its more troubling, he said, to swing and miss during a time of the year when competitors were all but asleep.

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This pattern may be useful on a persistent jumper or a horse that has mastered the art of travelling in front leg hobbles Three or four leg hobbles are made in a similar pattern to the above and hobble three or four legs. From, cambridge English Corpus, we cannot afford to hobble our economies, our industries and those who live and work in our rural and remoter regions. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Yesterday she was back using crutches as she hobbled into court in her home city of Cardiff, where a judge heard her plead guilty to fraud. They comprise three basic types: The vaquero or braided hobble, which is often of a quite fancy plaiting and lighter than other varieties, and is therefore only suitable for short term use. Here is a link to the article: another example of hobbling is shown in the 1990 film, starring Kathy Bates and James Caan, Misery based on the novel by Stephen King.

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The Sun (2006)Her football and sporting activities stopped and she was left hobbling around on crutches. The DCI has launched. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. To do that, he said, Apple will have to work with more companies outside its walls.

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Discuss these hobbling definitions with the community: Would you like us to send you. The built-in scarcity, up against expectations for growing demand for an immutable financial instrument, has created an awesome store of value for the decentralized, digital economy of the 21st century. Times, Sunday Times (2015)His standard gait is a hobble.

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Link to the Merriam-Webster definition m/dictionary/hobble. From the Hansard archive Far from hobbling the comedy, this piece of business was instantly hailed by his fellow actors as a hoot and adopted. As a portion of global commerce, bitcoin is a pipsqueak.

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The smart speaker would help Apple carve out a spot in what companies see as the next frontier in consumer technology: the smart home market. I see two core reasons why bitcoin commands such value no doubt to the bafflement of people like. Iain Gale Man of Honour (2007)A dozen riders have hobbled away including two wearers of the yellow jersey. But with its latest, the HomePod smart speaker, some analysts say its old formula for success going for the high end of the market and tightly controlling its ecosystem has let it down.