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Consensus Algorithm, sHA-256, script, block Time 10 minutes.5 minutes, block reward halving 210,000 blocks. If you are looking to purchase for the long term, Bitcoin is your best bet, and if youre looking to transfer and spend cryptocurrency on a regular basis, Litecoin is the better option. Furthermore, the benefits of this cryptocurrency are under the spotlight of multinational companies such as Starbucks and Amazon, who are actually thinking of adopting Litecoin on their sites this year. Charlie Lee, the Litecoin founder, had to take a very controversial move just to get it back on track.

Litecoin vs Bitcoin: Could Litecoin price topple Bitcoin?

With all that in mind, if youre investing in Bitcoin and other coins, youre ultimately the sole person responsible for what happens to your fortune. Bitcoin is testing the 9,000 resistance level, up 4 since yesterday. This is a pattern thats been repeated among most cryptocurrencies, however. Its not clear the what value proposition is, he said.

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As you can see, plenty of people are looking to mine Bitcoin and other coins, even if that means doing it illegally. Litecoin already had 4x the transaction capacity of Bitcoin, and with Segwit activated it now has 8x more capacity than Bitcoin and potentially more. For the latest on LTC, sign up below! OTC markets also exist for BTC, so large buys and sells.

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It is open-source software and can be used on Mac, PC, or Desktop. That shouldnt be too much of a surprise, as that was the original purpose of the cryptocurrency.

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It is hard to forget the fact that its price just dropped from a high of 19,535 to the current low of about 8920 (even this much is because it started picking some momentum from the last couple of days). Winner: Bitcoin Liquidity Bitcoin is available on more markets and is considered the reserve currency of crypto. But he added: I expect us to have a multi-year bear market like the one we just had where LTC dropped 90 in value (48 to 4).

Litecoin vs Bitcoin, Which Wins?

Litecoin, the fifth-highest ranked cryptocurrency, was launched in 2011 - two years after bitcoin - and is proving an increasingly popular investment choice due to its simplicity and practicality. There are very few wallets available for Litecoin compared to how many are available for Bitcoin. The Litecoin Network can produce a block of information, containing encrypted data, every two and a half minutes. The number of Litecoin wallets are actually somewhat limited.