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For example, a profitable firm receives more cash for its products than the cost at which it produced these goods, and so in the act of making a profit, increases its retained earnings, therefore its shareholders' equity. (2)  The student communicates an understanding of the accounting industry. Designer and distributor of aftermarket replacement components to the commercial airlines industry Region: Southeast Industry: Aerospace and Defense Southeast Aerospace and Defense JDC Healthcare Management, LLC Dental services provider Region: Midwest Industry: Healthcare Services Midwest Healthcare Services Jim N Nicks Management, LLC Restaurant owner and. Management software solutions provider Region: West Industry: Business Services Business Services BHS Hospital Services, Inc Revenue cycle management provider to the emergency healthcare industry Region: Midwest Industry: Healthcare-Services Midwest Healthcare-Services Blue Wolf Capital Fund II,.P.

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Students will analyze mathematical relationships to connect and communicate mathematical ideas. The student is expected to: (A)  construct a confidence interval for the mean for a known and unknown population standard deviation; and (B)  evaluate ethical issues associated with confidence intervals.

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(5)  The student describes and employs managerial accounting concepts. Dental services provider Region: Midwest Industry: Healthcare - Services Midwest Healthcare - Services My Health Direct, Inc. (9)  The student maintains, monitors, controls, and plans the use of financial resources to enhance banking performance. (3)  The student applies mathematical process standards to demonstrate an understanding of employment earnings. (6)  Statements that contain the word "including" reference content that must be mastered, while those containing the phrase "such as" are intended as possible illustrative examples.

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The student is expected to: (A)  examine security and investment operational activities; (B)  discuss the operations of a securities and investment office; (C)  examine the buy and sell functions of a brokerage firm; and (D)  discuss and calculate commissions. Acas Equity Holdings Corporation, investment company, region: Mid Atlantic.

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The student is expected to: (A)  understand the concept of insurance; (B)  explore the reasons for obtaining personal insurance, including health, disability, life, cancer, and long-term care insurance; (C)  explore the reasons for obtaining property insurance coverage, including homeowner's, personal liability, renter's, flood, earthquake, and. Specialty chemicals manufacturer Region: Southeast Industry: Chemicals Southeast Chemicals ares 2007-3R Investment vehicle Region: International Industry: Investment Funds and Vehicles International Investment Funds and Vehicles Associated Asphalt Partners, LLC Provider of asphalt terminalling, storage and distribution Region: Mid Atlantic Industry: Other Services Mid Atlantic Other.