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Digital distribution, Consumer electronics, Software, aviadvigatel. And when not at work, Googlers pursue interests ranging from cycling to beekeeping, from frisbee to foxtrot. And thats why we spend so much time finding the right people to bring on the team. Youll likely interview with four or five Googlers in total; and theyll look for four things: Leadership, role-related knowledge, how you think, and Googleyness.

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Employers For Engineering Students,. Notably, engineering students account for 67by far the bulkof undergraduates that complete summer internships with potential employers. One crucial aspect of career determination is acquainting yourself with the manifold employers in your chosen field.

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration (nasa). Aside from providing the usual requirements for building construction, the company has experience in mammoth projects like building waterways and dams and commissioning facilities for storage and disposal of hazardous materials.

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And this comes as no surprise, as being involved with nasa brings not just prestige but manifold opportunities to interact and even collaborate with top-notch scientists and engineers from the United States and other countries. Best Civil Engineering Firms to Work For For those of you civil engineers looking to work for a large company, those listed in this post are some of the best out there. They are a force. The aerospace powerhouse nabs a still-respectable third place, with Google ascending into second place, up one rung from last year. At nasa, its all about the mission: exploring the universe, understanding our planet, breakthroughs in aviation, and cutting-edge research in engineering and technology, says nasa spokesperson Allard Beutel.

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The beleaguered energy industry saw the biggest losses in appeal to engineering undergrads this year, with most companies in this arena falling in the ranking (one notable exception: Marathon.)  A number of other major industries suffered as well, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, telecommunications, and consulting. Learn How to Build a Winning Resume. Learn How to Build a Winning Resume Download our Resume Cheatsheet for Engineers.

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Global research and advisory firm, universum recently culled its data to find the 100 most attractive employers for engineering students. This list of major mechanical engineering companies includes the largest and most profitable mechanical engineering businesses and corporations in the world. Department of State.77 72 ConocoPhillips.76 73 LOral.76 74 Merck. 2 on Universums ranking of the most attractive employers for engineering students : Google.

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A job with the US Army Corps of Engineers is one of the most stable out there, as benefits and remuneration packages are certainly attractive. Young people need jobs. Also, watch Amazon, Lynn adds. This is the reason many fresh-out-of-school and long-established professionals alike aspire to join this government organization.