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A British online payments start-up has a signed a 10-year deal with a division of China's only credit card company to bring its technology to the world's second-largest economy. "The joint venture with Powa Technologies could help China UnionPay capture mobile commerce consumers that already purchase items through those apps.".

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8, in 2015, they announced that their planned. Read: Women unite against abuse, in the meantime, when youre at home and youre in danger, you can call a green door or white door and ask for an overnight shelter.

Powa strikes payments deal with China UnionPay

It might, he said, help brands instantly capture a sale from someone swayed by a Scotch ad who might otherwise be lured away again through a rival brand's in-store promotion. The companys flagship product was the mobile application.

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Powa doesn't charge marketers to upload their ad or package images into the system, but does charge on a per-transaction basis when people use the app to buy a product, respond to a promotion or add their details to a database. The company is attributed as receiving the largest Series A funding round for a technology start-up, collecting 76 million in August 2013.

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17 After the collapse of the business a series of articles by the Financial Times called into question several of the claims that had previously been made. On, Alessandro Gadotti became CEO of PowaTag in the effort of restructuring the business.