Which Social Media Platforms are That Best fit Your Business


Here are some key concepts about audience building on social media platforms:

Strong Links vs Weak links. You may be reading this post because you have seen the link of this page in some social network. The same thing you have to do. Create links so your potential customer can find you.

social media platform

Reliable range. You really do not know how many people are going to visit your website and will look at your products, or who will read your blog … A good option is to encourage people to subscribe to the blog or YouTube channel of your company. They are more likely to see your content. The goal of social media marketing is to direct more audience members to subscriptions. Over time, in general there is a relationship between the time you put in social networks and the level of reliable reach that can be achieved.

Role of content. Content is the catalyst that leads to awareness on the web. Awareness that can lead to participation, and commitment can lead to trust, and even loyalty over time. The creation and distribution of content is the economic engine of social media success. Different platforms require different types of content, some simple, some complex.

Role of Image. Image is now vital media in internet. Just search in ‘Google Image Search’ by any keywords. What you get? A numerous image is there. Google might not implement this service without any reason. Image is now a part of SEO. Image related media infographics has a great value for attract visitor.

After knowing some key concepts for building audiences, let’s get to know the best social media platform for your organization.

The default position of social media marketing seems to be Facebook. In this analysis, businesses grow covers social media platforms based on visits, plus some others like Slideshare for fun. Here is his analysis:

If you draw an arrow from the lower left quadrant (low required time and low audience property) to the upper right quadrant (high time required and high audience property), less complex content would be presented to more complex content requirements. Now let’s take a look at each platform, from the bottom left, to the top right:

Periscope. Video Streaming is booming right now. But at this time gender is limited in its ability to achieve reliable range. You can broadcast live from an event or from your home, but you have a limited opportunity to hold a hearing, as it depends on who is available at that time. But you have to be attentive to these platforms. They are likely to improve over time in their ability to create reliable reach as users will discover new creative uses for regularly exposed programming and even integration with traditional media.

Yahoo Answers. A lot of people still love to visit old question and answer forums such as Yahoo Answers sites. Recent research says that there are more people visiting forums than blogs. However, a forum is a bit limited when it comes to creating a more sustainable and viable audience. It is possible to answer questions from a brand new audience each time you visit the site. In this case, Yahoo really has the audience, not you.

Instagram. One of the reasons this platform is so popular is that it is very easy to use. Take a photo and send a message. This is one of the reasons why Instagram is used on the job more than any other platform (85% of its users do). In fact, it is probably the only platform to create connection with relatively little work. Another advantage is that there is no timeline editing. Each subscriber has the same opportunity to see what is published. But like Twitter, its content is somewhat ephemeral, as it slowly sinks into the background of the news source.

Google+. It is not simply a mainstream public platform. Most people usually do not care about SEO benefits. It is never mentioned on TV and companies do not ask for a follow up on G +. So their access to consumers in general is extremely limited. However, G + is almost unmatched in its ability to create communities of passionate fans that congregate around a cause, a theme or a person.

Facebook. It is huge and popular, but in many ways it is the most difficult platform on which to navigate. To be truly successful, it must be a hallmark of conversation. For this reason, it is difficult to put it anywhere on this diagram. There are many factors that complicate this position.

LinkedIn. A year ago, LinkedIn would have been in the block of “low audience-time required under” with Twitter. It was a great place to look for a job, but not much else. All that has changed with its new emphasis on publishing. And, of course, LinkedIn ultimately has the audience.

Blogging, podcasting and video. They are grouped in the upper right corner, as they are all similar and distinctive in their importance. Generally, they should create different and original content to highlight. Is not easy. It is not cheap. Consistently, posting a blog, a series of videos, or podcast allows you to develop important connections over time. These are people especially interested in your products or services, and they are actionable. There are practically no limitations to the type of audience that can be reached. You are the owner of the content. It is permanent and can be reused for years. This presents an exclusive audience accessible to you.

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Top 5 Windows 10 Tips & Tricks


Windows 10 tips and tricks

With Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft has reinvented the user experience of working on Windows operating systems. It was a complete makeover to old looks and user experience with all new advanced features and functionalities. Windows 10 was designed to help ease working on Windows systems. Windows 10 offers numerous new and user-friendly features. In this article, we will discuss top 5 Windows 10 tips and tricks which can help you ease your working on Windows 10.

Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Enable Cortana on Lock Screen

Cortana can handle plenty of your tasks seamlessly using commands you issue using natural language. These commands may include creating reminders, playing music, searching for a document, showing the weather details, or remembering random facts for you. Its natural language abilities revolve around the basic search capabilities. To use features of Cortana, you can now enable Cortana on your Windows lock screen as well. Here you can use voice commands to perform various tasks on your system. To turn on this feature on your system, go to “Cog” icon >Settings > Use Cortana even when my device is locked.

Enable Cortana on Lock Screen

Find My Device

Microsoft’s Windows 10 November update has brought a new nifty feature called “Find My Device” to keep your device intact. This new feature is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and even with desktops. This feature does exactly what does it sound. It helps you find your lost device by updating you about its last known location as system keep saving your device’s location periodically.

To turn this feature on, go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Find My Device. Here, you will find a big “Change” button under “Find my device is off”. Click on Change button and it will display a message “Save my device’s location periodically”, turn the slider to ON and that’s it. To check if everything is working, login to with your Microsoft account credentials and you will find your PC name under “Your devices”. To find your device name on your system, right-click on the Start button and select System. Now go to Control Panel and you will find your device name under “Computer Name”.

Find My Device

Quick tip: To improve Windows 10 performance and to recover some valuable disk space, you can consider using best duplicate photo finder tools for instant results. You can use this tool to instantly find and remove all duplicate photo files on your system.

Install Windows Store Apps Elsewhere:

The Windows 10 November update has fixed a long pending frustration of both mobile and desktop users. This November update has helped users install their Windows apps on external storage devices other than on internal storage space. It was one big challenge prior to this update as your device storage squeezed up sooner as you were forced to install apps to your device’s primary hard drive. After November update, now you can install apps to external storage drives by heading to Start > Settings > System > Storage, once you have connected the external drive (thumb drive, SD card etc.) to your PC.

Turn off File Explorer’s Quick Access view:

In Windows 10 system when you open file explorer it displays your most frequently accessed folders and recently viewed files by default. If you want to change this setting, open File Explorer and select View > Options from the Ribbon. Here, a Folder Options windows will appear. Click “Open File Explorer” drop-down menu at the top and select “This PC” option. Click OK for the changes to take place.

Turn off File Explorer’s Quick Access view

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts:

Though Windows 10 already offers some nifty features and improved user experience still you can look for some smart keyboard shortcuts for smooth and faster functioning of your system. Let’s have a look at some of these keyboard shortcuts.

  • Snapping Window: Windows key + Left or Right Arrow
  • Switch to recent window: Alt +Tab
  • Task View: Windows key + Tab
  • Create new virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + D
  • Close current virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + F4
  • Switch virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow keys

You can try these simple tips and tricks to make your working easy on this system. You can look for many other nifty features and hidden functions of Windows 10 to improve your user experience. Following these simple tips and tricks, you can save a lot of your time and manual efforts.

Summary: Windows 10 operating system is packed with nifty features and functions to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. Let’s discuss few Windows 10 tips & tricks to make your work easier on Windows 10.

Role of a Corporate Trainer in People Development


Corporate Trainer

Corporate training has become a mandatory affair in most of the organisations these days. These training programs are known to build a good rapport among the employees. Apart from that, they also help in keeping the employees updated with the latest trends in the market. All these benefits though pinching in the company’s profit, help build a stronger and a more prosperous organisation. To arrange effective corporate training programs in organisations, companies hire the best corporate trainer available. The major requirements of a corporate trainer for people development are listed below.

Bridging the gap between employees and corporation

A corporate trainer is a person, who though an outsider, can be quite effective in spanning the gap between the organisation and its employees. The organisation can tell him the objectives of the training program and with a quick study of the employees; he prepares and delivers an effective training program. This way, he can establish a connection with the employees and achieve the task amicably.

Motivational speaker

The corporate trainer should inspire confidence in the trainees. He should be well prepared regarding the agenda and deliver the training in a manner, which motivates the trainees to offer their best performance for the betterment of the organisation.

Excellent orator

It is quite essential for the trainer to capture the audiences’ attention in the first few minutes of the training program. This is the key to establish a rapport with the audience. Once a bond is established, the trainees are more receptive to his suggestions. This eventually helps in their competency development, as well the growth of the corporation.

Good organisational skills

To teach the importance of organisation to the employees, it is a mandatory requirement for the corporate trainer to have exceptional organisational skills. An organised employee makes the best use of his/her time and is more productive for the company too. Thus, a corporate trainer can lead by example.

Natural leader

A good corporate trainer should instill the leadership qualities in the trainees. This can be achieved more easily, if he/she demonstrates his leadership abilities by managing different groups, steering them in the right direction and helping them achieve the goals of the training program in an amiable way.

Assessment of employee skills

An effective trainer is one who goes through employee data before the training program and evaluates their natural strength and weaknesses during it. After assessment of their skills, the trainer devises a strategy to maximize employee output by specifically aiming to their requirements and advantages. This helps the employee to attain personal growth and in turn, the organisation also profits from it.

Every now and then, a company needs to strategize their thinking and goals. This can be done more effectively, if the already existing work force is trained to take on new and added responsibilities. This is the place where corporate trainers step in. They help provide companies an edge over their competitors by transforming the thought and work process of the employees.